May 22, 2016



We reward existing customers for referring friends and family to Ondiway. When you sign up, you'll receive a unique code. Each person that uses our service and enters your code at purchase earns you both two months credit on all corresponding Ondiway services. 

Refer friends and family to get discounts on affordable laptops and desktops.


For enterprising individuals who'd like to introduce Ondiway to their own unique audiences, consider joining our affiliates program. A simple link placed on your website or social media accounts can track which paying customers came through you. You can earn up to $100 for each paying referral. As a bonus, everyone you refer will get two months credit towards any Ondiway service. It's a great opportunity to provide real value to your viewers and followers.


If you have a business of any size and like our services, we'd love for you to become a partner. Your employees get a discount on all of our services if they use your unique company ID. You can also earn up to $100 for every paying customer you refer. Business affiliates easily provide value to their employees, with minimal effort. Employees can also access unique discounts when guaranteed by a business partner. Rest easy knowing that technical mishaps in and out of the office will be a thing of the past.


More than ever before, college students need personal access to computers. Unfortunately, the costs of going to college make it especially hard for students to pay upfront for a new computer, and the library doesn't always have an open spot. The Ondiway Student Advantage program gives student access to unique discounts when backed by a partner institution. Paying off the computer can help build their credit score, which can be easily arranged directly through campus jobs and work study.  On top of that, your college or university can earn up to $100 for every referred student.

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