May 13, 2016


Making sure your computer is up to date and effective is an expensive, time-consuming and difficult process. That's why Ondiway is making computer ownership the simplest it's ever been by providing technology that is both more affordable and personal.

With service that's built around our customers, we stay up to date with technology so you don't have to. We're about building community and fostering meaningful connections between our customers and those that are ready to help them. Our goal is to make owning a computer simple, easy, and affordable.

Ondiway's mission to make sure that our customers have a computer that always works, for the lowest monthly price.

Our Vision

In today's world, we use technology for absolutely everything. But technology moves fast. Just look at how often new smartphone models are released, and you'll have an idea of what it takes to keep your computer up-to-date in this day and age.

It requires a lot of cash on hand to pay for repairs or to buy the latest model. Ondiway wants to help you by providing the newest computers with industry standard warranties and regular upgrades every three years, at the lowest monthly cost.

Simple Process

Ondiway's store is an expert-curated and professionally-reviewed list of computers that will match your needs and budget. After selecting your computer, you'll complete an online credit check that takes only a few minutes.

After three years, computers experience a drop in performance and a higher rate of hardware problems—but don't worry. When that happens, you'll return the computer to us and we'll give you a new one. We'll move your data from the old machine to the new machine, and wipe the old drives to keep your privacy secure.

The Big Difference

How do we offer the lowest monthly prices on the market? We've streamlined the computer buying process by avoiding big box stores and purchasing from OEMs and licensed distributors. In addition, we resell the older computers that are returned to us in bulk, allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

Brands Offered

We aim to offer every major brand, including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Toshiba and more. All computers are brand new and only the most recent models will be offered. Our curation will help you find the specific machine for your needs, whether it be gaming, editing, or ease of travel. Our experts and professional reviews will make sure you get the computer you need at your budget.


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